Tradition and technology

50 years of experience

The Russo Oil Mill has been involved in its pressing activities for over 50 years. The first family Oil Mill was first located in the historic centre of Belpasso, in 2013 and transferred its activities to the new plant equipped with the most up-to-date technologies and meeting all the hygienic, salutary and managerial requirements needed.

The location of the new premises has the advantage of being sited at the beginning of the   ring road connecting the southern to the northen zone of Belpasso as well as the Belpasso – Nicolesi road.

The new plant for extracting the Russo Oil Mill olive oil has the most up-to-date technologies at hand making it possible to obtain the finest yields and an excellent quality of oil thus permitting their producers to be in a position to certify their own oils as “cold extraction”, organic” or “bio”, Monte Etna DOP, “IGP Sicily”.

The new premises are provided with large external areas for parking vehicles as well as a vast covered area for unloading and storing olives. A comfortable heated waiting room is further available for visitors.

Russo Oil Mill

The Plant

The area where the olives are processed is where the new PIERALISI ‘Molinova Genius’ model of the latest generation has been installed. It has been provided with a number of technical devices to optimize the yield in the quality of the oil produced, as follows:

  • OIL WASHING AND DEFOLIATION: An elevator with an anti-acid rubber conveyer transports the olives from the hopper to the cleaner that, at the end of the line, are defoliated by a centrifugal fan with self-cleaning blades the edges of which are tailored for this purpose. The olives are washed in a hydro pneumatic washing machine through the use of air which, when bubbling, does not allow the olives to touch the metal parts thus avoid them from breaking.
  • The SINGLE pressing machines are tightened hermetically to avoid an excessive presence of oxygen being the main causes of oxidation. Equipped with an independent heating system, they ensure a constant ly controlled temperature;

    A CLEANING SYSTEM supplied with air hoses and water pressure, which guarantees maximum hygiene and excludes oil contamination with previously, pressed oil.

    A ‘Vanguard’ DECANTER or SPIN of the latest generation that guarantees excellent results in terms of quantity and quality of the oil obtained;

    COMPUTERIZED CONTROL, the entire processing phases are controlled during all the pressing periods including the necessary temperatures. These factors are required for cold extraction certification.

    AREA OF OIL STORAGE, in silos of steel swing in Argon at a controlled temperature 16-18 degrees.

    OIL STORAGE AREA: in steel silos of steel swing in Argon at a controlled temperature between 16 to18 degrees;

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