The Nocellara Etnea

The cultivar

The nocellara etnea

This typical cultivar is to be found above all in the province of Catania, mainly in the municipalities of Belpasso, Paternò, Santa Maria di Licodìa and Ragalina in the territories of which it is spread over almost 95&%. In these places where mechanization is complicated, the plants are minded and the fruits harvested between October and November by hand exactly as in olden times continuing over time the traditions throughout the millenniums that have made Sicilian olive oil a unique worldwide product.
Drupe's characteristic

The stone fruits

The stone-fruits are large (4-8 g), symmetrical of an elongated ellipsoidal shape with a sub-conical apex and a slightly rounded base. The surface is spread with very large lenticels that can be seen in the ripe stone fruits as well . They ripen late and the fruits are used to produce green table olives; The yield in pulp oscillates between 85% to 90%.

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