The Etna

Producer of emotions

The Etna Volcano

Etna, 3.500 meters high, the highest active volcano of Europe, declared by UNESCO in 2013 as being a Patrimony of Humanity. It is a monument to nature and a major element of a territory that has been affected by its eruptions and powerful thermal excursions throughout millenniums.

Turi Careggi, the photographer and journalist has been entrusted with describing the beauty of Mont Etna offering a marvellous gallery of picturesque images.

  • Una suggestiva veduta dal mare
  • La luna che cresce sul profilo fumoso del Monte Etna
  • Il riverbero del sole sul fumo del cratere centrale
  • Le pendici innevate sul cielo blu.
  • Lo spettacolo della lava di notte
  • La potenza dell'eruzione
  • Un paesaggio lunare del monte Etna
  • L'attività eruttiva in pieno giorno
  • Le pendici fertili e rigogliose in primavera
  • La colata di fronte al frantoio
The secret ingredient

the soil

The soil of Etna volcano is incredibly fertile, rich in a large number of nutritive substances such as mineral salts, let forth over time by the lava deposited on it and thanks to the detritus coming from the plants which in the past were covered by the lava became the natural fertilizers of the soil.

The vegetation is dense and lush and at the same time incredibly varied. The countryside changes mainly according to the altitude. Apart from the olives at the foot of the volcano, you will find numerous cultivations of trees of oranges, mandarin oranges and lemons, agaves, prickly pears, bananas, eucalyptus, palm trees, cluster pines and vines. Among the local products, in fact, you will find excellent wine, already famous all over the world.

The abundance of natural flora and fruits can be seen on the sides of the streets reaching the peaks of the fills, where the dark colour of the earth is in contrast with the intense green of the vegetation and the extremely varied colours of the fruits, a spectacular sight for the eyes.