not only olive oil
``That which for many is only an ordinary bottle of olive oil, for me it is not only a food having a great deal of beneficial effects for our health, but rather exalts our cuisine with its scents and its notes that we eat every day, but a small chest that guards the History of a territory, of its People and of this Family who for many generations has passionately passed down their love for such an age-old art.``
the quest for quality respectig tradition

From father to daughter

``After having transferred our activities from its historic site to a new, modern plant, we chose to invest in the most up-to-date technologies available on the marketplace in order to produce an oil of an exceptional quality. But I have never stopped to preserve the passion, tradition and craftsmanship that my father taught me in the conviction that only in this way would I be able to produce an oil able to arouse the same emotions that even today I had experienced as a child and still today continue to feel whenever I inhale the scent after having tasted this oil.``


``A long time has already passed since I decided to describe with love and passion the story of my land, its history and people, through our Extra Olive Oil. Today I am the mother of a teen-aged girl who during the hard harvesting days when she was a child like me, played with me, no longer amongst the jute sacks but amongst the olive bins. She was small and happy, holding a slice of bread in her hand toasted in the oven and spread with newly made oil, green and scented. Our love for Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our strongest ongoing factor, an indelible sign of our family, generation after generation.``